Lick (Stage Dive) by Kylie Scott Review

Series: Stage Dive #1
Publish: October 11th 2013 by St. Martin's Griffin
Format: ebook, 232 pages
Rating: 5 / 4.5
Synopsis: Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.
Evelyn Thomas’s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong. Now if she could just remember how it all happened.
One thing is for certain, being married to rock and roll’s favourite son is sure to be a wild ride.
  Then I first came across this book, I wasn't etirely sure about it because the author previous books I didn't like. Fortunately when I finished I was really relieved. It is a fantastic and beautiful book about a sweet romance between Evelyn and David. There is a distinctive humor in it. I love the way how the author writes the dialogues, it is phenomenal and because of it the romantic line feels so much stronger, emotional that it's amazing.

  Both of the main characters personality is detailed and for me likeable. I like that their relationship is began with a crazy, impulsive decision wich shows quite well waht kind of life David have. Sure it's not so favorable for Evelyn who has a life plan, but their meeting turns everything upside down. But she represents David connection with the ordinary world, what he desperately craves. Thanks to that they form a dynamic link and learn a lot from each other about life, love and what is really important in the end. However both character learn in my opinion Evelyn developes the most during the story. She realizes she doesn't want her planed life and starts to disciver herself more. It is an interesting process to follow.
  Oh and I absolutely love David's character. He is kind from the beginning and fortunately he doesn't have the ususal and overused rock star personality traits. It is easy to empathize with him.

  The romance is beautiful. I love their chemistry and the little light hearted back and forth between them. The whole relationship feels honest and authentic. Especially after they realize that the attraction is really threre and not just the cause of their drunkennes. In emotions the book is a spot on. Congratulation Kylie Scott, good job. It isn't forced or overdramatic. Indeed you can find a lot of tension in the story but it just became more intense because of it. The only thing I don't like quite much is the fact that Evely leaves David every other turn. He has to beg and work a lot for her, a little bit too much inmy opinion.

  I have to mention the supportive characters, too. They're all built up exceptionally and despite their part in the plot I like almost all of them. There is david ex who is a hateful and obnoxious but excellent at that or my personal favourite Mal, the funny, charming drummer, who created a lasting impression.

  It is a new adult book and like this genre or not, I still recommend it. I isn't falling into the usuall box, like others about rockers so it is a breathe of fresh air. A fresh, light, sexy, fascinating story.

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