Tempting Tatum by Kaylee Ryan Review

Series: -
Publish: July 6th 2014 by Kaylee Ryan
Format: ebook, 247 pages
Rating: 5 / 3.5
Synopsis: What do you do when your whole life crashes and burns? How do you get through the flames?
Tatum Thompson is living the dream. Her life is perfect; with a loving boyfriend, loving parents and a soon to be college graduate how can life get better? Life is good until it isn't. When tragedy strikes Tatum runs to Josh only to find him in a compromising position with someone else. Turning away from the only life she knew, Tatum is forced to alter her life plan.
Blaise Richards is a tattoo artist who moonlights as a volunteer fire fighter. Lies and deception leave his broken heart closed until the beautiful green eyed girl casts her spell over him. She’s making him feel things he’s never felt. Making him want things he thought he would never want.
Tatum wants Mr. just for tonight.
Blaise wants Tatum to be his forever.
Can Mr. Just for tonight convince Tatum that she’s the one? How long can Tatum resist Blaise’s determination to make her his?
  I was in a reading funk and desperately needed something to read, but couldn't get into anything I started. Then I saw this book. The cover is nothing out of the ordinary, but the synopsis immediately got my attention.With just the prologue I was hooked.

  The story is a stand alone, about love and new beginnings. Since both of the main characters have some painful experience with relationships, both of them is reluctant to even try. Because of this there relationship moves like a snail and about 70% of the book discusse their courtship. I must confess in my opinion it goes into cheesy category. Don’t get me wrong I like that despite the love at forst sight situation, there is a ’get to know you’ period, because of this there are quite a few boring part, it is a bit slow for my taste. I was expecting a more eventfull story. Only the prologue and the last 3 or 4 chapter fall under the exciting adjective. However the writing style is really good and I love the general idea. The narration alternate between Tatum and Blaise, so we can see how their mind works and what they’re thinking. There is a beautifully built background for the plot and the main character’s personalities are really detailed.

  Tatum is a beutiful and smart girl, but I don’t think that she is on her 100%. In a way it’s understandable, since she went through a huge loss in every possible way,but I don’t think it necessarily goes hand in hand with a total breakdown. You have to stand up and fight. The only thing Tatum does to move on is her work, even the move is just because she afraid of being alone. She isn’t my favourite type of character. I like the fiery, sarcastic and strong heroines. She is definitly not one.

  Blaise is a really sexy, down to earth, protective, caring, affectionate and a little bit of a manwhore. If you call somebody who after a painful betrayal start to use what women offer to him- nothing less, nothing more-a manwhore. He isn’t afraid to show his feelings and really determined. If I would have to choose I would choose Blaise in a heartbeat over a possessive, alpha male. I really like his personality.Though I am a little bit dissapointed, that his troubled past only caused a blip ont he radar towards the end of the book. There is a lot of possibility in the storyline and Ms. Ryan didn’t used all of them.
  We get to meet a lot of supportive characters, but doesn’t get to know them. They’re there but their story stay in the shadow. I don’t have a favourit, they are quite insignificant in the lights of the storyline.

  There are a couple of shortcomings in this book, but is still like it. It’s a perfect summer read, light and easy. I absolutley love the epilogue , I’m sucker for a happily ever after story. I recommend this book to anyone who likes these kind of contemporary romances.

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