Step-Lover by Bella Jewel Review

Series: -
Publish: March 9th 2015 by Bella Jewel
Format: ebook, 231 pages
Rating: 5 / 4.5
Synopsis: You’ll only ever have one forbidden love.
Care to know why?
Because when you find it, forbidden love that is, you’ll forget everything else. You’ll forget your first kiss. You’ll forget the first boy who made you smile. You’ll forget all the bad, and remember all the good. You’ll forget that it’s wrong. You’ll forget that it hurts. You’ll forget everything that came before him.
Forbidden love, it has a way of changing you. The secrets. The lies. The guilt. You want something so much you no longer care about the world around you. The passion takes away the pain. I’ve felt it. I’ve lived it. I didn’t need it, but it chose me.
I met him before I knew. I loved him before I knew.
I didn’t know that he was my stepbrother. I knew I had stepbrothers, but I didn’t know he was one of them. Now I know, I have to walk away. My mom, she deserves this happiness so much more than I do. If she ever knew…it would destroy her.
You have to understand why.
I saw my father die right in front of my tiny, eight year old eyes. He took my sister with him. All that’s left is my mother and I. She’s found her happy place, the only place she’s had since our worlds were destroyed.
So you see, I can’t have him.
I can’t want him.
But there’s this problem with passion, and love, and destiny.
It doesn’t give you a damned choice.
  Nowdays there is so much book about step- siblings you practicly find one for every day. I'm pretty choosy about these kind of stories but I like Bella Jewel writing style so I picked it up.
  She doesn't dissapoint, I only have one little problem with it and thats why I couldn't gave it a perfect rating.

  First of all about the plot. It's pretty straight forward and not really that complicated. Thanks to that it's a light but fantastic read. I love how its unfolds from a simple family vacation to a serious disaster. There's a lot of heartbreaking emotion in the background and a couple of times I almost started to cry. It's quite a delight to watch how 6 people became a tight and loving family. I loved the family dinamism and the relationships Aria formed with the trhee brother.
  For the most part, I did enjoy the story, sure it had its moments and the characters drove me crazy, especially Aria because let me tell you if somebody did to me what Blade did to Aria I would have kick him to the curb after the first time. But Aria blindly and at some point I think even selfdestructively loved him. This was my problem. And then there was the fact that she still suffered because of the nightmares. That was a bit overkill for me. Oh and don't even talk about Blade actions. I loved most of the secondary characters and I can't wait for their respective stories.

  There is everything in the book romance, tragedy, action and humor. The ending felt a bit rushed but overall, I'm statisfied and happy with it. Bella Jewel done it again.

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