Chosen Thief (Forever Evermore) by Scarlett Dawn Review

Series: Forever Evermore #4
Publish: March 8th 2015 by Escape
Format: ebook, 197 pages
Rating: 5 / 4
Synopsis: Caroline Jules knows death is imminent. She’s only 22, but as an inmate of Death Row in the most secure Mystical jail, what else could her future hold?
Caro has no idea. Her solitary, transient life is about to get flipped on its head when it is revealed that she is the new Prodigy Elemental, and she has responsibilities and ties that she can’t ever escape. Caro is attempting to run from a brutal past, but the Rulers have other plans for this thief’s future.
But the transition from a self-contained existence to life with the other Prodigies, the Kings and Queens, and even the Elders was never going to be easy, and Caro has secrets she’s loath to share. Suddenly she has friends, mentors, lovers — and they all want to know more about her than she is willing to reveal.
Will Caro ever escape the darkness of all she is, or will she fall deeper into the life that has been chosen for her?
  Scarlett Dawn is one of my favorite author and I love the Forever Evermore series so I think I strated the book with quite high expectations. It's good, I really enjoyed it but it's nowhere near as good as the first two book in the series. But lets start in the beginning.

  The story takes place in the same world as the first trilogy just a 20 or so years later. Same world, same problems and some of the same characters. Althought the main focus is on a completly new character, Caro and a new kind of Elemental. Ok, not new but I don't remember it being mentioned previously. And I think the most important difference is the atmosphere, mood that the story generates. There isn't that much heartwrenching and overwhelming emotion and event. We get to know the Mystical world from a different perspective. It's like the same and completly different than Lilly's story.
  There isn't too much action in the plot, still I can't say that the story is missing it. It's how the story builds up, gets to the real starting point. The whole thing is a bit laid back and kind of slow, but it's working and I really enjoyed it. We get to know the new characters, part of the backstory and a couple of things about how the previous characters lifes changed. The information about Lilly, Ezra, Pearl and Jack I was really looking forward to but it's one of the things I was dissapointed in. They became rigid and we don't get to see the dynamism the had in the first three book. I missed that. Otherwise they are still as badass as they were.

  Now for the new 'elements' mainly the characters. Caro is a special kind of Elemental, and we don't really get to know about her ability. Based on the synopsis and a couple of reviews I read before getting the book I was expevting her to be a badass and unstoppable character. She is badass and strong but not in the way I originally thought. I like her personality and her flaws, she is more human than the heartless killer the synopsis suggests at least in this book. I think she has two sides the volnerable, lonley girl and the aforementiond heartless killer. One of her sides we don't get to see, yet. The author keeps her past a mystery and it pissed me of because there are shady references to the past and we don't know what are they talking about. It is annying. As for her personal life, tath is really complicated. There are more than one possible outcome, the question is who will she choose. I corious and don't quite agree with her decisions in that aspect of her life so far. We will see.
  Sin is another new character, who play puite an important part in Caro life. Their connection is confusing but they are really good together. I loved their antics. They act entirely differnt when they are in the same room. Caro is more carefree and funny around him. They have a special relationship.
  Oh and we get to know the new Prodigies, where is a serious lack of capability for leadership. There is Brann, the snob man-whore, but at least he is strong and has brain. Aria is lacking in self respect and London is a perfect bait if you running from wild animals. They have room to learn. I don't like them as much as I liked the previous quartet but during the story they grow upon you.
  Last but not least there is Leric, whom I don't know how to relate yet. He is inscrutable, I think he has some kind of ulterior motive but I'm not sure because sometimes he acts in favor of Caro and the others.

  As for a footnote I don't understand the importance of the first chapter. For me Isa involvement was a bit far-fetched. I just can't understand why was it needed from the story perspective. Especially since Caro being bisexual doesn't play a part in the plot after the first chapter. So Isa part was unnecessary aspect.

  I still like the series and looking forward to the next book. I hope we get to know a little bit much about Caro past and about her powers. I just hope that the idea behind the world stay enjoyable unlike other long serieses.

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